Wedding dolls – There is always a beginning of everything. (My amigurumi story)

It is now the 10th month of the year! YES! It’s OCTOBER! Wow… can’t believe time flies super fast! This past 4 weeks, I’ve been busy crocheting a pair of doll (bride & groom). This little dolls called “amigurumi” a.k.a. crocheted stuffed toys were first introduced by Japanese people ~ who really really have excellent taste for cute stuffs!

My interest of amigurumi was started from the pictures of colorful little balls from one of the crafty website: Since I am a visual person, those rainbow colored cute dots successfully attracted my curious mind. I did some researches about crocheting & knitting that I thought the same. In fact, I think crochet is easier than knitting since it only uses 1 hook – pretty straightforward too. The next day, I rushed to Michael’s art & craft store to buy the hook & yarn. Gosh! I never knew there were tons of different type of yarns! As usual, since it was just a trial – who knew, eh?! – I bought the cheapest yarn for a buck hehehe… That night, I made one medium sized balls (apparently, the yarn that I bought was thicker than the one instructed on the website). And that very night, my love of amigurumi started 🙂


I googled for free cute pattern and borrowed some books from the library to make some more amigurumi. Then I found a Japanese book with lots of different dog patterns. I was screaming – happy & full of joy of course! I made 4 of them: Chihuahua, Labrador, Mini Dachschund, and Pug. Those years, I made some mini toys as birthday gift for my friend and some for christmas decoration. It was like non stop crocheting everyday until my fingers were in pain and scrapped hahaha…

Well, I guess too much of everything was no good for me. The following year was when I had my chinese engagement with my big family. My mom said there would be 12 baskets to be handed over as a tradition. My goal was to have 12 pairs of dolls for each basket. Sounds very ambitious, eh?! Well, I’m a perfectionist and couldn’t take quality for granted – over quantity. So, I failed miserably. I only had one pair of dolls for the main basket as the decoration. I was kinda disappointed and broken hearted. Hence, I stopped making amigurumi for about a year.

Then couple months ago, there’s a store at Etsy that sells cute pattern of wedding couples called saplanet originals. These pairs of dolls were just to cute to be ignored. So, I decided to buy the pattern. Yeah… I’m good at following pattern but not so good at creating one 😛 Well, since I was so stressed out for my bi-continental wedding preparation, I decided to back to crocheting. For first couple days, there was no passion to finish my doll. However, once one doll finished (the groom), I was getting excited and continued another one (the bride). Yes, it took me a total of 3.5 weeks to finish a pair (considerably way too long if you compare me to the expert ones). However, there’s always a special feeling to everything that you make yourself. The dolls may not look that neat and primp, but these ones are definitely my keepsake for my daughter in the future 🙂


Wedding Couple

Now, I’m kinda back on ‘crazy about amigurumi’ mode again. So, yeah, I probably will ignore my blog for awhile hahhaha… Uhm… not really,  since I like to write when I get bored (like right now, even though I’m so sleepy in this cold rainy weather). Hopefully, I can get a regular update about my newest hobby and show you some pictures.



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