Chinese Wedding dolls – still in Amigurumi mode

Ok. It’s officially 5 weeks straight of making amigurumi for me. No wonder my fingers are stiff and the skin on my hand is cracked (due to friction of yarn and my skin). So, I’m now taking a break from anything with yarn; i.e. amiguruming πŸ˜›

The last dolls that I made were a couple wearing traditional Chinese wedding dress. I bought the pattern fromΒ The background was googled from Carmen Weddings and the picture credit goes to Ken Lam Photography.


Chinese Wedding Chinese Wedding3

Couple days ago was my birthday but here I am having hard time to breath since my nose is stuffed & I’ve been having a headache since 2 days ago 😦 Anyway, just want to give you some updates and hence, I’m out & gonna be under my blanket -zzzzzz…




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