Carl Fredricksen amigurumi – December… the season I love the most!

I LOVE December!!!! Here in my city, the christmas festivities are very strong. Many parks have twinkling pretty lights to celebrate christmas. Malls are full with people doing christmas shopping. Christmas songs are on the radio. The weather is cold yet no snow here 😦 All I need is my blanket, a cup of cocoa, and – of course- my fiance 😉

When I stop doing amigurumi couple weeks ago, I got withdrawal symptoms hahaha 😛 The first day my hands were not rubbing the yarn, I felt like I had to do something else but the thing is I did NOT know what! Then, I became too lazy to do anything hahaha… Anyway, I just couldn’t resist to do one more amigurumi doll (or maybe two dolls by the end of the week). I just take my time and crochet at extremely slow pace… It took me almost 3 weeks to finish this one doll: young Carl Friedricksen from my favourite movie UP! 🙂 I was inspired by the scene where Carl was selling balloon while Ellie holds a parrot in the zoo. (Don’t worry, I’m making Ellie too… That’s why I said I might be able to finish another doll by this weekend). This is my first amigurumi pattern that I make. And yes, I was a bit frustrated in the middle of making this since I had to unravel some stitches that wasn’t perfect. But I guess I just need practice to know how many stitch do I need to make certain shape and what kind of stitch is appropriate. Anyway, I’m pretty proud of myself 🙂


Can you see the similarities???

Another exciting things is that me and my fiance planned a last minute christmas holiday out of town. I’m super excited about this ~ can’t tell it now 😛 Anyway, I really really enjoying the research process of what we’re gonna do & see & eat there. One clue I can tell you, we’re gonna have a REAL white Christmas!

So, see ya when I see ya! 😀



4 thoughts on “Carl Fredricksen amigurumi – December… the season I love the most!

    • Hi Monica, sure you can purchase the pattern. However, I’m trying to update the pictures so you can easily follow the pattern. It will be available in a week or two. I’ll contact you once it’s available for sale.

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