Ellie Fredricksen amigurumi

Hiya…. So, I finished 2 photobooks from my vacation in Quebec & Montreal and I had a bit time to finish Ellie amigurumi.

*Drum roll* Here she is! (sorry for low quality picture).


Again, this was inspired by the zoo scene in UP! movie (see Carl amigurumi). So, here the sweetest couple in animation history (in my opinion!).


Ellie & Carl

I love these young free-spirited couple. As me & fiancee realized in recent year, we both love to travel together. Not just to splurge on our saving, but to see what’s the world out there! As Ellie said: “The adventure is out there!” Nowadays, with all technologies and travel convenience, we tend to forget what our surroundings are. The adventure is STILL out there! If only we try a little harder to set our convenience aside and blend more with the locals, you’ll be surprised how diverse the world is. Okay, enough for my rambling words.



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