Carl – Beedo minion

If you’re waiting for my post of Venice trip, please be patient with me. I actually finished writing my day 5 entry which is our first day in Venice but I still have to edit my picture for the post. This week has been hard for me to do anything including my full time work. I had to leave early to go to the doctor since I’ve been feeling sick since last weekend. Monday and Tuesday were the worst. I was so pale and probably about to faint at work. Luckily, the work wasn’t too busy those days. When I went to the doctor on Monday, he didn’t really care about my symptoms and asked me to come again the following Monday. Not feeling satisfied, I went to another doctor on Wednesday and I must say I felt a bit relieved when he ordered me to do some blood tests. Anyhow, I’m still not sure what I caught yet… I suspect it was stomach flu or some stomach virus.

Resting at home and drinking electrolyte definitely help my body to gain some strength. Since I’m pretty much confined to my bed, I decided to make minion amigurumi. This time, I make CARL. Do you remember the annoying minion on the scene when Gru torched the telephone? Bee-do… bee-do… bee-do… Yap! That’s Carl! ahahaha…

This time, I wrote my own pattern! yay! So….. drum roll please…. *bee-do… bee-do… bee-do…*



I promise to post my Venice entry tomorrow… Hopefully, I’m a bit better πŸ™‚ Until then, see ya!



3 thoughts on “Carl – Beedo minion

    • Hi Laura, as for now the pattern is not available yet. I have to write it up since I crocheted without pattern for this. As soon as I finished up the pattern, I’ll contact you. Thanks!

  1. Hi, I would love to have the pattern aswell. Making minions for my grad students as a gift. Thanks!

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