Captain Minion!


I’m sorry if I’ve been so quiet for some time. Writting blog and editing pictures didn’t really help my nausea and headache lately, so I stop doing those for awhile. But, I promise I’ll post the rest my Europe trip soon!Β 

As you all know by now, I’m obsessed with Minions! This weekend, I made a minion amigurumi inspired by Marvel superhero, Captain America! I called it Captain Minion! πŸ˜€ This was inspired by our friend’s son who is a very smart & active boy and he loves Captain America. Plus, this time, I had a chance to try crocheting with new yarn, Paton MetallicΒ for Captain Minion’s shiled! I was super excited when I saw these awesome yarns at Michaels. Yeah… they’re pricey but the colours are exactly what I need! As for now, Paton Metallic yarns are available in limited colours: metallic blue, metallic green, metallic purple, gold, pewter (silver), burnished rose, and metallic orange. I’m hoping they’ll come out with more colours, like metallic red or metallic yellow (since the gold that they have now is more like bronze). When I work with Paton Metallic, it was kinda slippery to crochet. However, the effect is so brilliant! Can’t wait to make more amigurumi with this yarn! *squealllll…* hahaha… So, drum roll please for Captain Minion!




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