Thor VS Loki Amigurumi


Yes, I’m taking a break from writing blog and editing pictures of my London trip. *Secretly, I’m postponing it since I am sad once I realize that my Europe trip blog will be over soon 😥 * Anyhow, I’m back into making amigurumi again. As you know from previous posts, I made Iron Minion, Captain Minion, and the Incredible Minion. The only one left was Thor! So, this past long weekend, I made Thor to complete the core Avengers superheroes 🙂 Also, it happened that Thor: The Dark World movie opened last weekend! Overall, I’m very pleased with the final result of the cute Thor! 😀


Well… since it was my super long weekend (I got a Friday off from my office), I decided to make Thor’s nemesis, Loki! I never made a villain before but since I have a crush on Tom Hiddleton – who plays Loki in Thor movies, I decided to make one! 😀


So, here is the two nemesis: THOR vs. LOKI!


And finally, the whole ‘core’ Avengers crews, including Iron Minion, Captain Minion, the Incredible Minion, and Thor!

Avengers minions blog


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