Happy New Year! New Wedding Dolls

Hi there… HAPPY -belated – NEW YEAR 2014!!!

If you’re wondering why the previous posts have melineaj.wordpress.com on the pictures, don’t be confused! It’s because I used to post my amigurumi dolls on my other blog. So, in 2014, I decided to separate my personal/travel blog and my amigurumi blog. WELCOME to CraftyPeachyBunny.wordpress.com!!! πŸ™‚

To celebrate my first post in this blog, I will post wedding dolls amigurumi that I made in December 2013 for my friend’s wedding. Me and my husband know the couple from the church. We’ve been friends for almost 10 years! The girl is my bridesmaid on my wedding and I was in the same bible study group with the boy, so I want to give something special for this couple.

The pattern I use is from CraftyisCool‘s book called AmiguruME. The guitar pattern is not in the book, but if you do buy the book, it will tell you where website to go to download the pattern for free. However, I did make pattern for the wedding skirt and the bouquet. I made the guitar because I remember that the groom loves to play guitar. If you look closely, I put Minnie ears on the bouquet since the bride loves Disney, especially Mickey & Minnie Mouse. I overheard my girl friend that she would had her hair as low side chignon on her wedding day, so I made the same hair style on the bride doll. I chose coral for the tie and the flower clip on the hair since the ties of the best men were coral too! (I know so much about their wedding since me and my husband were a part of the wedding committee hehehe). The groom’s glasses were made from black wire that I fold and clipped myself πŸ™‚

IMG_2283-edb IMG_2301-edb

IMG_2316-edb IMG_2318-edb



Here are the list of yarns I used for this doll:

  • Bride & groom bodies: Paton Canadiana in Cherished Yellow
  • Bride’s hair: Paton Astra in Dark Tan
  • Bride’s wedding dress: Paton Canadiana in White
  • Bride’s high heel (not shown): Lion Brand Bonbon Party in Bronze (or Lion Brand Vanna’s Glamour in Bronze)
  • Bride’s bouquet: handle – Paton Astra in Dark Tan & petal – Paton Astra in White
  • Bride’s flower bouquet: roses – Paton Astra in Apricot; leaves – Paton Astra in Oz; Minnie ears – Paton Astra in Black
  • Groom’s hair: Paton Astra in Black
  • Groom’s suit & pants: Paton Canadiana in Medium Grey
  • Groom’s shirt: Paton Canadiana in White
  • Groom’s shoes: Paton Canadiana in Dark Grey Mix
  • Groom’s tie, Bride’s flower clip, Minnie’s bow:Β Lion Brand Bonbon Party in Sparkling Peach
  • Guitar: Paton Astra in Dark Tan & Medium Tan

I wish many many happiness for the newlyweds, D & A! πŸ™‚



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