Minion Jobs

Hiya! This amigurumi is a surprise for my lovely hubby along with a special birthday cake. So, I minionized Steve Job! πŸ˜› My hubby admires Steve Jobs a lot since he works in the IT industry too. I ordered an iPhone birthday cake from my friend and it just seems fitting to make Minion Jobs for him πŸ™‚ I did a modification on the Apple logo. Since minions love banana, I changed the iPhone back logo to yellow banana πŸ™‚

HAPPY BDAY, Hubby!!! Love you lotsss πŸ˜€



Steve Minion cake

Yarn lists:

  • Head: Patons Astra in Maize Yellow
  • Shirt, arms, gloves, goggle strap, shoe sole: Patons Astra in Black
  • Pants: Patons Astra in Dark Denim
  • Goggle: Patons Astra in White and Patons Astra in Silver Grey
  • Shoes:Β Patons Astra in Silver Grey



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