It’s been a month since I posted my last amigurumi. Yeah… I’ve been busy and tired because of the crazy weather. One day, it was super sunny and the next day, it was snowing like crazy! And it was in late February too! I need spring to come soon!

My next minion inspired superhero is RoboCop! The remake movie was released about 2 weeks ago here in Canada. So yeah… It was a bit delay to make this amigurumi. The original RoboCop movie was released in 1987. I think I was still a baby by that time. For some reason, I remember watching the movie on TV and I was so impressed by the story *well… who would thought of robot as a cop in the 90’s!* From this fond memory, I decided to make the minion inspired amigurumi.ย Well… it’s better late than never ๐Ÿ™‚

This is my first time to crochet real parts of amigurumi with Patons Metallic yarn (I made Minion Loki’s and Minion Thor’s accessories with this yarn before but they were just small bits). Although the label said that Paton Metallic is a medium yarn (#4), the bulkiness is less than Paton Canadiana, that was labelled the same. Also, this yarn is a bit tricky to handle due to its slippery nature. However, I LOVE the shininess of the metallic look. In my opinion, it fits perfectly for RoboCop’s body armour! *well… he’s a Robot afterall* I made a small pistol accessories by gluing 2 layers of black felt to make it looks sturdy.


Yarn list:

  • Forehead mask, inside goggle, arms, feet & body armour: Patons Metallic in Pewter
  • Outer goggle: Patons Astra in Silver Grey
  • Mouth:ย Patons Astra in Maize Yellow
  • Lower head, gloves, body base & shoe sole: Paton Canadiana in Black


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