Crochet Lamb Hat for Newborn


Good friends of ours are expecting a baby! Me and my husband have known the couple for several years now. Even last year, we had some serious discussions on how to conceive a baby. The only different is that they are succeeded and we’re still waiting for a miracle to happen 😛 Anyway, we are thrilled to welcome this baby! Ever since I heard the news about my friend’s pregnancy, I know I have to make something special for them. As I browsed some ideas on the internet, I found a cute lamb hat pattern for FREE from Repeat Crafter Me (click here to go to the pattern). Since the couple hasn’t reveal the gender of the baby yet, I have to make a neutral colour for the hat. Luckily, I have some scrap yarn that a friend gave me which has a perfect colour for a lamb! The pattern calls for worsted weight yarn (#4) and I was sure that the yarn I used was worsted weight yarn but somehow, the result was a bit off. So, I had to modify the pattern to make it fit for a newborn’s head. Without further ado, here’s my version of Crochet Lamb Hat.

P.S. I never crochet a hat or scarf or any clothing article before. I thought that I won’t have enough patient to repeat the same stitch over and over again. Boy, I was wrong! Crocheting this hat was a joy! *maybe because I was a bit emotional hahaha* Or maybe the hat was small in size so that the repetition didn’t seem that bad. Anyway, I definitely will do more crocheting for other thing from now! 😀

Lamb Hat

Yarn list:

  • Hat & outer ears: Red Heart Super Saver in Aran Fleck
  • Inner ears & edging: Patons Canadiana in Toasty Grey



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