The Photographer


Last January, my husband kindly bought me an amigurumi book that I wanted so bad. The book is My Crochet Doll by Isabelle Kessdjian. I first spotted this book about 2 years ago from but the original book was written in French 😦 Last October when I visited Barnes & Noble at the States, I looked at Simply Crochet magazine while waiting for my hubby. In issue 10, the magazine features a pattern of Kessdjian’s dolls. I was tempting to buy the magazine but then at the end of the article, it mentioned that the English version of Kessdjian’s book would be published by the end of the year! I was excited beyond words!!! I patiently waited and checked amazon religiously hahaha… Until last December, I saw that I could pre-order the book which would be released by January 2014!!! I told my hubby about it and he pre-ordered it for me *thanks, hubby! Love you!!!*

In November, one of my hubby friends suddenly contacted me to give me her unused yarns – since she knows that I crochet a lot from my facebook page. I happily accepted her offer and was quite surprised when my hubby brought home 2 big bags of yarns! I said thank you so many times to her and promised myself to make her an amigurumi as my appreciation. Long story short, I got My Crochet Doll book since February but I didn’t have time to make doll until about 3 weeks ago. I immediately had an idea to make the doll for my hubby’s friend. Since she is a photographer, I decided to make the doll posing as her mini.

The pattern in My Crochet Doll is written in UK term – which is a bit different than US term (US single stitch = UK double stitch). As an avid amigurumist *if the word even exist hahaha* I realized this within seconds while reading the pattern. I was a bit surprised with the size of the finished doll. From the pictures in the book, I thought the doll is not too tall but when I finished mine, it was quite tall. This might be due to the worsted yarns that I used were much bulkier than Kessdjian used. Some of the patterns were a bit off due to my proportion so I had to modify a little bit, especially for the camera pattern. At the end, it all works fine. So, here’s the final doll 🙂

Photographer-ed Photographer1-ed

Yarn lists:

  • Body: Red Heart Soft in Off White
  • Stripes shirt: Patons Canadiana in White and Cardinal
  • Pants: Patons Canadiana in Medium Teal
  • Boots: Patons Canadiana in Navy and White
  • Camera: Patons Canadiana in White and Black
  • Hair: Patons Canadiana in Black



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