Yellow and Gray Themed Wedding Doll

Hiya all,

I know it’s been a while since I posted my last amigurumi. Two weeks ago, I had wisdom teeth extraction surgery. The procedure wasn’t painful at all since I was sedated. However, the recovery was super painful! I could only eat mashed potatoes and drank smoothies for about a week! Then, I had severe constipation due to the drug’s side effect that my dentist prescribed me 😦 It was the week from hell! Anyhow, it is all good now. Although I still can’t chew hard food, I am able to eat soft food such as bread or noodle.

Anyhow, let’s go back to the amigurumi, shall we. A week prior to my surgery, a girl friend from my church asked me if I can make a wedding doll for her upcoming wedding. And I surely said yes! A little background about the couple…. I know the groom-to-be for about 11 years now! He comes from the same hometown as me and I met him right before I went to Canada to study. Since then, we’ve been friends because we go to the same church. About 2 years ago, my friends met his-now-fiance through badminton practice every Sunday. Along the way, love blooms and today, their wedding is 2 months away! I am super happy for them!

My girl friend requested a yellow & gray themed wedding doll since it is their colour palette. Also, she asked if I could make a badminton racket on the groom’s hand. She gave me a picture of the dolls that she wanted – so that’s the easy part. The one thing that made me nervous was the badminton racket! I tried to crochet the racket but it looked limp. Then I tried to make it from a wire but it looks too thin. I was almost desperate but I knew that the badminton racket is a small details that has a significant meaning for the couple. Not until midnight yesterday, I found a solution! Why not crocheting around the wire! And I did! It took me about 2 hours to complete the racket and I was super happy with the result. Yeah… I’m that kind of person who can’t put down something once the idea stuck on my mind hehehe…. Another thing that I love was making the bouquet. At first, I made 3 big roses but then I felt they were just too plain. So, I browsed pinterest for ‘yellow bouquet’ and found some inspiration. So, I make 3 small rose buds and crochet some silver dust leaves. It turned out to be a very nice colour combination! Okay okay… I’ll stop yapping now. So, enjoy the pictures 🙂





Yarn list

For Groom:

  • Hair: Patons Astra in Dark Tan
  • Head & hands: Red Heart Soft in Off White
  • Bow Tie: Patons Astra in School Bus Yellow
  • Shirt: Patons Canadiana in White
  • Suit & pants: Patons Canadiana in Dark Grey Mix
  • Shoes: Patons Canadiana in Black
  • Badminton racket: Patons Astra in Silver Grey Mix

For Bride:

  • Hair: Red Heart Soft in Toast
  • Head, body & hands: Red Heart Soft in Off White
  • Wedding dress & bouquet cup: Patons Canadiana inWhite
  • Shoes, hair clip & roses in the bouquet: Patons Astra in Maize Yellow
  • Rose buds in the bouquet: Patons Astra in School Bus Yellow
  • Silver dust leaves in the bouquet: Patons Astra in Silver Grey Mix



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