Baby Booties with Faux Leather Sole


As I mentioned in my last entry, this past weekend I completed 2 different crochet projects. The owl hat and baby booties. The baby booties are actually an order from my high school friend for her niece. This is similar to the newborn baby booties that I made last month (inspired by Repeat Crafter Me free pattern). However, I had to modify the pattern since the booties are intended for one year old kid with measurement of 13 cm (5 inches) long from toe to heel. So yeah… I finally wrote my first baby booties pattern! YAY! My friend also requested to have non-slippery soles since her niece begins to walk. I found faux leather for the soles at the craft store. I punched small holes around the edge of the faux leather so I can pass the crochet hook in the holes and incorporate it onto the sole. I added a ribbon around the cuffs and a flower with a button in the centre to make it prettier πŸ™‚ (tiny flower pattern can be found here).


Yarn list for the booties:

  • Sole and cuffs: Patons Canadiana in Toasty Grey
  • Booties & tiny flower : Red Heart Super Saver in Aran Fleck

** UPDATE (06/01/14): My friend ordered a pair for her friend’s baby girl who lives in Chicago. She loves the colour combination of the one I made previously, so she wants the exact same booties πŸ™‚




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