Luigi Minion


This past Friday, I had a day off from my full time job. I went to downtown with my husband on his way to work and decided to stay at the library to make amigurumi. This time, I chose to make Luigi Minion to accompany the Mario Minion that I made couple weeks ago. Well… I didn’t stay for the whole 8 hours at the library. I went to Starbucks at 3pm to get half off Mocha Cookie Crumble (Can you believe a venti for just only $2.50?!!! but sadly the promotion is over today) and went shopping for a bit hehehe…

Super Mario Bros. was the first video game I played. My cousin generously gave his old Nintendo to my brother and it was the only game that interested me. I’m not really a video gamer though. Although I played it so many time, the farthest level I reached was level 3. So, making the Mario & Luigi is sort of a nostalgia for me 🙂

Luigi blog

And here’s the picture of the minionized Super Mario brothers 🙂

Mario & Luigi

Yarn list for Luigi:

  • Hat, shirt & arms: Patons Astra in Leap Frog
  • Face: Patons Astra in Maize Yellow
  • Bottom, straps & pants: Patons Canadiana in Navy
  • Shoes: Patons Astra in Dark Brown
  • Gloves: Patons Astra in White
  • Moustache & google strap: Patons Astra in Black
  • Goggle: Patons Astra in White and Silver Grey Mix


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