Pocoyo Hat for Toddler


Yesterday, I crochet a quick hat for my friend’s kid, baby L, that had his birthday couple weeks ago. Since he is a big fan of Pocoyo, I made him a Pocoyo-inspired beanie. Pocoyo is a boy wearing blue clothes and his iconic hat. He always plays with his friends: Pato the duck, Elly the elephant, Loula the dog, and Sleepy Bird. Apparently, this colourful cartoon is the favourite of many younger children. Even my friend from Australia said her daughter loves Pocoyo so much!

Baby L is a very active kid. He loves to run around and purposely crashes to our legs to play with him. Whenever he watches Pocoyo on TV, his eyes are glued to the TV and sometimes he just laughs hysterically when the characters do something funny. Ah… the joy of being a child! However, the only character that he dislikes is Pato the duck. Whenever he sees Pato, he runs away from the TV to his mom and hides his face. So cute… 🙂 Anyway, here’s the beanie for this cute kid! Happy belated bday, baby L!

Pocoyo Hat

Yarn list: Paton Canadiana in Clearwater Blue.


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