Captain America beanie for 6 years old


I made this Captain America-inspired beanie for my friends’ kid whom I adore so much. He will have his 6th bday next month! Since he loves Captain America so much, I decided to crochet a beanie inspired by his favourite super hero *coincidentally, his initial is CA too!*

CA is a very smart kid. Unlike kids around his age, he can think – and sometimes argue – like an older kid. He is not satisfied with just a short answer and wants to know more about everything. He even knows whenever the adults try to lieย to him hahaha… Whenever he sees me, he always asks for my iPhone since he loves to play with it.

I can proudly say that I designed this beanie on my own! I googled Captain America pictures as a reference and found some vintage and newer versions of the Captain. For the front side, I go with the vintage look of the Captain: the letter “A” and 2 wings on each side. For the back side, I decided to crochet Captain America’s shield complete with the star ๐Ÿ™‚ I put a white trimming around the perimeter to make it looks more polished. I hope CA will like this beanie ๐Ÿ˜‰

Captain America

Yarn list:

  • Hat and centre of the shiled: Paton Canadiana in Royal Blue
  • Letter “A”, wings, trimming, star, and outer shield: Paton Canadiana in White
  • Red part of the shiled: Paton Canadiana inย Cardinal


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