Mustard Clutch and Headband


When I first self-learnt how to crochet, I thought that I wouldn’t have the patience to create a big project such as scarf or bags. I am the person who get bored by repetition, esp. when you repeat the same pattern over and over and over again. When I saw a post of this cute clutch from Delia Creates, I had doubt that I could finish the clutch – the pattern consists of 56 rows of single crochet!!! In addition, I never worked with leather material before which made me a bit nervous. Anyway, I braved myself to buy a bag of 2 lbs leather scrap from Michaels (with the 50% off coupons, it wasn’t that expensive ~ about $6). Unfortunately, the leather scrap that I bought contains a thick unpolished leather which is a bit different than the flexible leather mentioned in Delia Creates’ website. The thickness of the leather made it difficult for me when I made the holes using leather punch. In fact, I had to ask for my hubby’s help to use his drill to make the holes. I added more rows for the bag since I want to make the clutch a bit bigger so it fits couple of my basic necessities. I also sew in a lining inside the clutch to make it sturdier. The pattern also suggested to do blocking before sewing the edge to make the clutch. I was a bit hesitant but I did it anyway. I felt like blocking does help with the final look of the clutch and made it a bit easier to work while I single crochet the edges.

I made the knotted headband using All About Ami’s pattern. I know it’s summer here in Vancouver, Canada but I just couldn’t resist to make this cute headband. I actually made the headband first using the mustard coloured yarn and decided to use the same yarn to make the clutch. I don’t really know the brand for the yarn as it was a scrap yarn given by my friend.


The knotted headband and the leather flap clutch


Me wearing the matching headband and the clutch


The close up look of the clutch and headband


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