Cute as a Button!


As an intermediate crocheter, I realized that I need more supplies to make the final product looks prettier. When I look back at Crochet Essentials post, I realize that I just covered some really basic tools to get the engine going. There are other details needed, such as buttons, zipper, bag handle, D-ring, O-ring, clasp, etc. These are not only necessary if you want to make a pillow, booties, or a bag. Sometimes, I also need those as an accessory for an amigurumi.

I love colour and unique shapes. So, I kind of obsessed to find cute unique buttons. As I mainly bought my yarn from Michaels, I usually also browsed for their button selection. Disappointingly, their buttons are very limited (and expensive!). Walmart is my next destination as the price is cheaper here but again, the selection is also limited. Not until I saw a unique store in downtown Vancouver called Button Button that was featured in the local news. As you can guess from the name, this petite store only sells buttons! You can find buttons with different materials (plastic, glass, wood, metal, sea shell), all sort of shapes from small to large, and even vintage kind. The price ranges from 3-for-$1 in the ‘button soup’ to $5 for a big rare button.

Button Button

Button Button store in Gastown – downtown Vancouver

I spent almost an hour browsing through each drawer to find cute buttons and spent $25 for them! *Call me crazy but I am obsessed! hahaha…* I bought 3 pairs of sheer neon plastic buttons (top left), 2 pairs of plastic nautical style (that looks like a ball of yarn), 1 pair of bunny (top right), 4 pairs of plastic vintage button (bottom right), 2 pairs of plastic military style, and a big shiny plastic button (bottom left). I could have bought more but I had to restrain myself for spending too much money hahaha….


Nearby at the corner of the street, there is another fabric store called Dressew Supply. This store sells different kind of sewing needs: fabric, zipper, tassel, and -of course- buttons! Many people said that the fabric price here is cheaper than other store. If you need crafting supplies, you’ll find all sort of things too! When I went down to the basement, I was shocked by rows and rows of button selections! I was like a kid in a candy store! Sadly, since I already spent my budget at Button Button, I only bought 3 pairs of alphabet buttons spelled C-P-B which stands for Crafty Peachy Bunny 🙂 I think the alphabet and the bunny button make a perfect pair!


Rows and rows of buttons at Dressew Supply


CPB = Crafty Peachy Bunny 🙂

Couple days ago, I went to the Michaels store near my workplace. I actually had nothing to buy – yeah… I like to browse to find a good deal in my spare time hahaha… When I walked through the beads isle, I saw this cute Victorian style beads! And it was on sale too! I bought 2 strings with nothing on my mind what will I use them for *don’t tell my hubby please 😛 * I hope I can make something pretty to incorporate these beads. One tip when you are shopping at Michaels is to download their free app on your smartphone to get coupons! It does save you some $$.

Flower beads


Button Button 
318 Homer Street
Vancouver, BC, V6B 2V2
(604) 687-0067

Dressew Supply
337 W Hastings St
Vancouver, BC, V6B 1H6
(604) 682-6196

Michaels Arts and Craft
Various locations in USA and Canada


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