Wine Carrier – FREE Pattern


When I saw Moogly blog post about crochet wine carrier, I was super excited! My full time work actually has a lot to do with wine! So, I can’t wait to make one. I read through the pattern and realized that the pattern is actually for super bulky yarn 😦 I have a drawer full of yarns and my husband always complaints whenever I go to Michaels and always reminds me not to buy more yarns. So, I decided to modify the Moogly’s pattern so I can use my worsted weight yarns (#4). As I mentioned in my previous post, my friend gave me a bunch of scrap yarns last year. The biggest ball is the dark purple one. It takes so much space in the room, so I thought I can make several wine carriers using this yarn with other colour as the accents. I am glad that my modified pattern works well. I tried to put the wine bottle into the bag and it fits! One day, I was on fire and I made 3 wine carriers in 12 hours (not straight though since I ate, watched TV, played with my bunny, etc in between hehehe…).

I am an intermediate crocheter and if I could make multiple items in a day, the pattern is fairly easy for me. So, since I modified a free pattern, I am thinking to make my pattern available for FREE too. *yay!!!* This is not my first time writing a pattern but this will be my first published pattern! So, please bear with me if I make some mistakes (any recommendation is more than welcomed!!!) :S


Hook: 5.00 mm

Yarn: worsted wight yarn (Medium 4)

Product Measurement: Base diameter = 7 cm (2.7”); Height= 25 cm (10”)

st            = stitch
ch          = chain
sl st        = slip stitch
sc           = single stitch
hdc        = half double crochet
dc           = double crochet
BLO        = back loop only

R1:         Magic ring 6 sc, sl st to join                                       (6)
R2:         ch 1, 2 sc for each stitch, sl st to join                          (12)
R3:         ch 1, (1 sc – 2 sc) x6, sl st to join                                (18)
R4:         ch 1, (1 sc – 1 sc – 2 sc) x6, sl st to join                       (24)
R5:         ch 1, (1 sc – 1 sc – 1 sc – 2 sc) x6, sl st to join              (30)
R6:         ch 1, (1sc – 1 sc – 1 sc – 1 sc – 2 sc) x6, sl st to join      (36)
R7:         [BLO] ch 1, sc around (do NOT join)                         (36)
R8-15:   sc around à work continuously around                           (36)
R16:       ch 1, dc around                                                           (36)
R17-29: dc around                                                                     (36)
[*Optional: you can change colour here]
R30-39: sc around                                                                      (36)

R40:       sc in next 4 st – chain 30 – skip 10 st – sc in next 8 st – chain 30 – skip 10 st – sc in next 4 st
R41:       sc in next 4 st – chain 1 – 30 hdc along the handle – sc in next 8 st – chain 1 – 30 hdc around the other handle – sc in next 4 st
Fasten off and weave ends

Disclaimer: you can share the pattern with others but please do NOT claim it as your own. You are welcome to sell the items made from this pattern but please ALWAYS link back the pattern to my websites and use your own pictures in your listing. Enjoy! 🙂

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Wine carrier1

Wine Carrier2


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