Owlets Amigurumi


I got back from my vacation in Banff (see my travel blog for my the post – SOON!) last Saturday and I still have about 4 days off from my full time work. This time, I made a quick cute amigurumi project: Owlets or Baby Owls. I found this free pattern from Craftsy website by A Morning Cup of Joe Creations. If you’re not a member of Craftsy, you should sign up! It’s a free arts and craft website with lots of free and paid pattern as well as paid online classes.

This pattern is very easy and quick. For each baby owl, I spent about 30-35 minutes to make it from scratch, attach the bead, cut the white felt, glue the eyes, and sew in the beak. I’m planning to attach a ribbon and a swivel clasp to each baby owl, so that it can be used as a key chain or a bag accessory. As you can see I tried to attach one swivel clasp to the dark purple owlet but it turned out that the clasp is shorter than I expected.

I used different colour and type of yarn to make this project. That’s why some are smaller than others. Anyhow, they look super cute all together. I made 13 owlets in total and here they are… Enjoy!

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The finished Owlets amigurumi with riboon for key chain or bag accessory


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