Oma Ruby


This past week, my friend from church asked me to make an amigurumi doll of his grandmother. It’s for his grandma’s upcoming birthday next month. He wanted the doll to wear an apron with his grandma’s name in the front “Ruby.” He also had a special request for the doll to hold a stack of money. I guess it shows how his grandma has worked very hard to support her family 🙂 I always love making the details for every doll that have special meaning to the person who receives it! The doll making was pretty straight forward and I added a pair of glasses to match the real person. The next thing that I had to think about was the money. How can I have miniature bills for the doll? Then I found the solution! Sometimes ago, I bought an iron-on transfer paper that I was going to use to print my logo on a ribbon. I then printed out the picture of Rupiah (Indonesian currency) bill from the internet and transferred it to a felt sheet. I tried to transfer both side of the bill but for some reason, the back side wouldn’t stick at all. So, I decided to just have the front side of the bill for the doll. So… here she is… Oma Ruby 🙂

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L to R: Oma Rubby with pretty flowery red dress; the stack of $$$ (Rupiah – Indoneisan currency); the back side of Oma Ruby


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