Michaelangelo TMNT

Hiya…It’s been a while since I picked up my hook to do some crocheting. Long story short, I braved myself to quit my full time job since we are about to move to another city soon. To fill my first day being a stay home wife, I made this TMNT inspired minion.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle (TMNT) or I usually call it Ninja Turtle is actually one of my childhood favourite cartoon. I remembered every lunch, my mom would turn on the TV and feed me while I watched TMNT. “Go Ninja… Go Ninja…” 😛 So, when Michael Bay decided to remake TMNT into a summer blockbuster movie, I was super excited. Until… I saw the trailer… Honestly, I don’t like Michael Bay turtle appearance. I felt they are scarier than the cartoon and in the 80’s movies. The turtles seem more bulky, rougher, and not looking friendly. I really wanted to watch the movie to prove that Michael Bay’s version is better than just the ‘cover.’ Maybe I’ll drag my hubby tomorrow to watch it hehehe…

I remembered one time when I was about 8 years old, my dad asked me if I want to watch a movie. Although my mom just gave birth to my younger brother, I considered watching movie at the theatre was a luxury for us at that time. So, I quickly replied “YES!” My dad and me watched the midnight session. I remembered my mom warned me to take a long afternoon nap, so I wouldn’t fall asleep in the theatre *ironically, it was my dad who fell asleep hahah…* I think I watched the entire movie and tried to keep my eyes open even though I was super sleepy. You may wonder why this TMNT movie is so memorable to me… It was because what happen when me and my dad arrived back home…. *remember, back then, cell phone was not vastly available.* The only thing I remembered when our car approached my house was seeing my mom being hysterical! Apparently, someone tried to break into our house! Luckily, our neighbour helper saw it and yelled at the thief. The thief ran away and only took invaluable stuff from the garden but still my mom was shaken. I was so scared watching my mom and dad so emotional. I even blamed myself for leaving my mom and my newborn baby brother at home while me and my dad enjoyed the movie. At the end, my dad calmed my mom and me and told me that the thief might still come even when me and my dad stayed home. I felt a bit relieved….

Back to my amigurumi, I decided to make Michaelangelo (or Mikey) first. The reasons are I love the colour orange and he has the same initial as me “M” hahaha… Although he likes to joke a lot, he will fight hard  with his 2 nunchakus! So, here is my version of Teenage Minion Ninja Turtle 🙂

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Yarn list:

  • Googles: Patons Astra in White and Silver Grey
  • Body, legs & arms: Lion Brand’s Vanna’s Choice in Kelly Green
  • Mask, strips on legs & arms: Patons Astra in Hot Orange
  • Belt: Red Heart Soft in Toast
  • Turtle shell: Patons Astra in Dark Tan
  • Turtle chest: Patons Canadiana in Fool’s Gold
  • Nunchakus sticks: Red Heart Soft in Tangerine (?)
  • Nunchakus caps & chains: Patons Metallic in Platinum



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