Raphael TMNT


This is my second Teenage Minion Ninja Turtle creation: Raphael…. 🙂 He wears red mask in the group and has twin ‘sai‘ as his weapons. Unlike his jokester brother, Michaelangelo, Raphael is depicted as an aggressive and quick to anger ninja. That is why I created him with angry mouth hehehe…. When I was young, I always thought that he is the leader of the group. The main challenge for me was making the twin sai. I used a black wire as the foundation and tried to crochet with yarn around it. However, it was very difficult to crochet slippery Patons Metallic around the smooth wire. Finally, I managed to wrap the yarn around the wire – although it’s still not perfect. I used darker green yarn for Raphael’s body as in some images I found on the internet.

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Mike & Ralph

Yarn list:

  • Googles: Patons Astra in White and Silver Grey
  • Body, legs & arms: Patons Canadiana in Dark Green Tea
  • Mask, strips on legs & arms: Patons Canadiana in Cardinal
  • Belt: Red Heart Soft in Toast
  • Turtle shell: Patons Astra in Dark Tan
  • Turtle chest: Patons Canadiana in Fool’s Gold
  • Sai handles: Patons Canadiana in Cardinal
  • Sai blades: Patons Metallic in Platinum


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