Leonardo TMNT


This is my last design for Minion inspired TMNT for Leonardo. Honestly, I had these ideas for awhile even before I knew that Michael Bay would make the remake of TMNT movie. In fact, Minion Turtle is on my top 3 to-do list of Minion inspired character. I call it a good timing. Simply because when the movie is actually played here in Canada, I had plenty of time as I quit my full time job. I know I still have tons of more important things to do aside from crocheting but I really need a creative outlet to kinda jump start myself to do those ‘other’ things hehehe… And… Finally… it comes to the end. I complete the whole set! I made four minion ninjas in a span of a week! Well, it’s kinda on-off crocheting since I did gardening work in the morning and did crocheting in the afternoon 😛 My next week project is painting my garage. It’s kinda an art/house project for me since I lovvveee to paint! hehehe..

Back to Leonardo, he wears blue masks and uses sword(s) as his weapon. Leonardo has opposite temper than his brother, Raphael. He is calmer than the hot-headed Raphael but don’t mess with him! Or he’ll show you his advance sword skill! For his swords, I used wire as the foundation and then glued the double side felt to make it sturdy.

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Yarn list:

  • Googles: Patons Astra in White and Silver Grey
  • Body, legs & arms: Lion Brand’s Vanna’s Choice in Kelly Green
  • Mask, strips on legs & arms: Patons Astra in Medium Blue (?)
  • Belts: Red Heart Soft in Toast
  • Turtle shell: Patons Astra in Dark Tan
  • Turtle chest: Patons Canadiana in Fool’s Gold


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