Baby Groot

Hiya all,

Last Saturday, me and my husband decided to go to the movie theatre. It’s been so long since we had a movie date! The last time we went to the movie was in April(?) to watch Captain America but it was with our good friends. So, this time, it was a real movie date 😉 We both had enough points from Cineplex to redeem to watch a movie for two. My husband who can’t stand watching 3D movie insisted the opposite! *I was surprised!* Since we got free movie tickets, we can actually redeem the points for the 3D movie in VIP room! Usually 3D movie is $3 more expensive and the VIP room (21+ room where you can order alcohol and food from your seat) is extra too on top. SWEET! The movie theatre was actually not busy at all. Afterall, it was the late summer and most of the blockbuster movies were released weeks earlier. We decided to watch Guardians of the Galaxy. At first, I was a bit hesitant since it is another superheroes movie but by the end of the movie, I loveee it! If you do have time, I really recommend it!

The cutest thing from the movie was the Baby Groot!!! I won’t spoil any story for you but it was a touching story that made me almost shed a tear 🙂 Ever since the movie premier, I saw a lot arts and craft for the baby groot. I found the cutest Baby Groot free pattern from Twinkie Chan!’s blog (click here for the pattern). Although I am in the middle of packing my stuffs for moving to another country, I just can’t resist making this cute amigurumi! I bought the small pot from Michaels (I think it was Cad$ 1.29 – it’s the second small pot on the shelf – not the smallest one) and painted white. I made my Baby Groot a bit taller (just added few extra rounds) and made about 40-50cm long chain to wrap around the body and arms. As recommended by Twinkie Chan, I put some pebbles at the bottom of the pot to secure the ‘roots’ and put the fake moss on top (I didn’t glue it since it fits snuggly). So… here it is!!! I AM GROOT 🙂

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Baby Groot1

Baby Groot2

Yarn list:

  • Head, body, arms: Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice in Barley
  • Leaves: Lion Brand’s Vanna’s Choice in Kelly Green



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