Olaf-inspired Hat


Two days ago, I finally watched Frozen and I LOVE it! *now I know what the Frozen fever is about hehehe…* It has been a looong time since I watched a Disney princess-y animation (the last time was maybe Tangled or Brave (?) and since then I watched lots of superheroes movies). When I was little, Disney animation movies were my favourites. Oddly, I was not a princess-y type when I was growing up. Still, I was searching for a prince charming when I started dating. And luckily, I found my handsome prince on a white horse a.k.a my hubby *wink* :P. I must say that the animation for Frozen is superb! The picture was smooth and very attractive. In contrast, I remembered when I re-watched the original Snow White movie, I was all grainy. Technology plays a huge role in pleasing viewers’ eyes 🙂

Back to Frozen, I must say that Disney classic theme is always on every movie. First, there were a happy beginning, followed by a tragedy, a chaos, a twist, and finally a happy ending 🙂 Throughout the movie, the cutie that caught my eyes was OLAF! I want to have one of this cheerful and naive snowman! So, I decided to make a crochet hat inspired by Olaf. Here it is….

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Olaf Hat

Yarn list:

  • Hat, eyes, and tooth: Bernat Softee Baby in White (double the strand)
  • Pupil: Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice in Black
  • Edge around eyes and mouth: Patons Astra in Silver Grey Mix
  • Eyebrows: Patons Astra in Dark Tan
  • Nose: Patons Canadiana in Tangy
  • Hairs and braids: Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice in Barley


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