Pom pom Hat


Sory for being M.I.A these past few months. Me and my hubby was in the process of relocating our family from Canada to USA. There were tons of things for us to do to make our move smooth. Anyhow, we are now settled in our new rental apartment and I can’t wait to crochet again!

Few days prior to our move, I sneaked some time to crochet a winter hat from KT and The Squid website. I used acrylic yarn that my friend gave me last year. It supposed to be a slouch hat but when I finished my hat, it isn’t ‘slouchy’ enough 😛 I suspect that the acrylic yarn makes the hat stiffer than if I was using alpaca yarn as KT and The Squid used in its pattern.

The Pompom was actually a last minute idea. Since I just bought a Pompom maker from Clover, I wanted to try to make one hehehe… Actually, I like the hat with the pompom better! It looks cute 😉 So… here it is! The PomPom Hat….

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 Pom Pom Hat




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