Anna-inspired Hat


As the temperature drops here, I begin to imagine if I ever lived in Arendelle. Yes, I think I caught the Frozen virus 😛 When Frozen movie first came out, I didn’t get why there were so much fuzz about it. Apparently, there are lots of girls and parents who become big fans of the Frozen character. Honestly, I just watched the movie about 4 months ago *I know it’s super late* I must say that I am impressed by how far the Disney animation has become. I still remember watching Cinderella and Snow White when I was a kid! Back then, the 2D animation by Disney already made my eyes shine! The storyline in the movie is very beautiful and empowering. Now, I totally get why it’s one of the best Disney movies 🙂

Not long ago, I made this Olaf- inspired hat. This time, I made Anna-inspired hat/bonnet/hoodie. I also incorporate Anna’s white hair highlight to make it looks real. I used white boa I bought from Michaels to give an illusion of the snow on top of the hat. Enjoy!

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Anna sides


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