Cinderella Tutu

Hiya… I have a confession to make *dun dun dun….* 😳 Ever since I worked on Mickey Tutu, I am infected by ‘ruffle virus’ hahaha…. I have several ideas on how to utilize this unique yarn. However, the colour selection of Red Heart Boutique Sassy Fabric Yarn is fairly limited. So, I braved myself heading to Jo-Ann and bought this sparkling sheer fabric. After some thoughts & experimentation, I finally succeeded in replicating the fabric yarn – still not perfect though. The sheer fabric that I used in this tutu is a bit stiffer than Red Heart Sassy Fabric Yarn. Hence, it is less ‘flowy’ than the Mickey tutu. But, I L.O.V.E the sparkly dots! They really twinkle under the light.

So, in celebration of the new Cinderella movie, I made this cute Cinderella Tutu 🙂 I chose the palest blue among all the sheer fabric and found this one with sparkly dots. I think it is perfect as Cinderella is identical with sparkles in the original animated movie. As long as I can remember, I watched the original animated movie from 1950 when I was a little girl – maybe when I was in kindergarten. I am always enchanted by the fairy godmother who transforms the rugged Cinderella into a pretty belle. And the pumpkin! It made me want to ride that beautiful carriage and had mice as pets hahaha…. Don’t we forget that glass shoes! Are they even real?! I want one!!! 😛 I hope the new movie really live up to my expectation. I might have to drag my hubby to watch this movie with me hahhaa… Anyhow, here is the tutu…. Enjoy!

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Cinderella Tutu3

Find free Cinderella font I used here.


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