Belle Tutu


It seems like my fondness of classic Disney animations hasn’t died yet. The other day at JoAnn store, I saw this beautiful gold fabric with specks of glitters. Instantly, it reminded me of Belle from Beauty and the Beast and I knew that I have to make the tutu version of it 🙂 The good thing was I had a 40% off coupon too! Sweet….. As part of designing the tutu, I re-watched the movie again. I think I watch it the first time with my dad and I remembered that I was almost crying when the last petal of the rose fells off.

I almost finished crocheting the base of tutu during my trip to the city on BART train. I’m not sure if I was on fire that day and crocheted very fast or if the trip was really that long hahaha… The only challenge I had was adding the ribbon trimming to the fabric. I spent hours hand sewed since I don’t have a sewing machine 😦 I definitely need to learn how to sew! At the end, all my hard works pay off. I love the look of the golden ribbon in the middle of the tutu. It mimics the dress that Belle wore during the dance with the Beast. I think I’m going to make this a set too. So, just wait for the headband and the shoes 😉 Enjoy!

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Belle Tutu


Meline – Crafty Peachy Bunny

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