Black Widow Minion


Last week, I stumbled upon Jimmy Kimmel Live! show on youtube with the cast of Avengers (see here). Then, it hit me that the new Avengers movie is coming soon – May 1! I must say that I wasn’t a superhero fan before but then my brother dragged me into the fandom and I’m hooked! It has been quite a while since I make Minion amigurumi. I made Iron Minion, Captain Minion, The Incredible Minion, and Thor and Loki Minion before. See… it’s still incomplete! So, couple days ago, I decided to complete the set. *they won’t be called The Avengers without complete crew, right?!*

Black Widow is the first one that I made. I used Patons Metallic Yarn for her suit to give it more sheen but the picture couldn’t capture that *boo…* I love that the red lipstick and her green eye makes the doll look sexy 😉 And who can’t ignore Black Widow’s red hair…. This sure makes the Black Widow Minion looks badass 😛 Enjoy!

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Black Widow Minion


Meline – Crafty Peachy Bunny

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