Iron Minion 2.0


When I searched through my Avengers Minions collection, I couldn’t find the Iron Minion one. The Iron Minion was the first Minion – Avenger cross that I made for my brother 1.5 years ago! Then I realized that when I moved to California, I must have left it for my brother who is an Iron Man super fan! *His bookcase is filled with all sorts of Iron Man merchandise instead of books hahaha….* Since I want to have a complete Avengers Minion photo shoot, I have to remake the Iron Minion. This time, I experimented using Patons Metallic Yarn. Unfortunately, the line doesn’t have any red metallic color 😦 *Dear Patons Yarn, if you read this, please please please make red metallic and the real gold one* Then, I browsed the internet and found that some Iron Man pictures have darker red color. The closest Patons Metallic color is metallic wine, so I chose this to make Iron Minion 2.0 🙂

Halfway through the process, I realized that the color was way darker than I expected. Oh well… I continued crocheting it anyway. When I finished, I noticed that this 2.0 version is bigger than the one I made the first time. Despite the color and size are a bit off, I actually like the metallic sheen look of the suit. It really resembles an armour 🙂 So, I’d like to present to you the Iron Minion 2.0… *cue the smoke machine*  The Dark Iron Minion (refer to Batman’s The Dark Knight, get it?!)… Enjoy!

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Iron Minion 2.0


Meline – Crafty Peachy Bunny

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