Hawkeye Minion


The last Minion Avengers to complete the set is Hawkeye Minion. Instead of the modern black suit worn by Jeremy Rener in Avengers movie, I opted for the original purple suit in the comic. This amigurumi was fun to make since I love how the metallic purple yarn gives a little lustre on the belt and mask. I made the bow and arrow base using wire and then I used yarn and floss thread to crochet on cover the bow and arrow, respectively. To crochet the thin floss thread for the arrow, I used 1.00 mm Clover Hook (see here). This is another Clover hook set with smaller heads and they are perfect to crochet floss thread for small amigurumi accents & accessories. I actually bought the set 6 months ago but this was my first time using it. I’ve been using Clover Amour hooks for quite some time now and I love them! They are comfortable and not too slippery (due to their mated stem). Enough chit-chat for now and enjoy!

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Hawkeye Minion


Meline – Crafty Peachy Bunny

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