Avengers Minions complete


Two years ago, I made these four Minion Avengers. Fast forward to present day, I finally finished the complete set of Avengers Minions !!! I am super excited for this!!! Iron Minion, CaptainMinion, Thor, Incredible Minion, Black Widow Minion, and Hawkeye Minion are ready to kick some naughty arses 😛 Don’t forget to watch the new Avengers movie Age of Ultron on May 1 – it’s next weekend! (see the trailer here, here, and here). I think the movie is going to be AWESOME! Enjoy!

P.S. The Captain Minion is accidentally the smallest of all :S I made the Captain Minion almost 2 years ago to the scale of my 1st Iron Minion that is the same size as the Captain. For some reasons, as I made to subsequent superheroes, the size is getting bigger – esp. the Black Widow one. This might be due to the bigger crochet hook size that I used and different brand of yarn that I used. If I have extra time in the future, I might redo the Captain 🙂

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Avengers Minion complete

Here’s the close up look for each individual Minion Marvel’s Avengers superheroes! Ka-BOOM! 😛

Avengers Minion Individual


Meline – Crafty Peachy Bunny

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