Toy Poodle Bag Charm


I am back in sunny San Francisco!!! Before my short vacation to Vancouver, my hubby’s coworker requested a bag charm for her daughter’s upcoming birthday. Her daughter loves toy poodle dog so she asked me to make a toy poodle bag charm. Honestly, who can’t resist the handsome and cute teddy bear look alike dog! I wanna cuddle one too hahaha…

It didn’t take long to make this bag charm but I must admit that working with this speciality yarn has its challenges. I bought this furry yarn from Daiso and it is quite hard to see the stitches while crocheting with this type of yarn. I just went by instinct and approximation but luckily, it all went smoothly. The plastic safety nose that I used has no plastic washer when I bought it. I searched online for the store that sells the washer only but I couldn’t find one 😦 So, I actually had to drill a small hole on the back of the nose, sewn it, and voila… it worked! 🙂 I hope the little girl loves this bag charm as much as she loves the real toy poodle…. Enjoy!

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Toy Poodle


Meline – Crafty Peachy Bunny


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