Ariel Tutu


Do you get bored of my tutu series yet? Please don’t hahaha… I found pure joy when designing a tutu set. Although all tutus seem similar, but it requires thorough research & plan on the colour combination to depict the character that I’m inspired with. I also tried to make each set to have different look from another since every character has its own details and accessories. Okay, enough about my chit-chat and now back to the tutu 🙂

When I visited JoAnn store couple months ago, I saw this beautiful ombre teal-green fabric with silver dots. I immediately thought of Ariel from The Little Mermaid movie. I don’t really remember exactly when I watched Little Mermaid for the first time but it is one of my favorite Disney movies for sure! Since Ariel is a sea princess, I attached pearl beads around the waist of the tutu to give it an ocean-inspired look. The silver dots on the fabric give an illusion of bubble from crashing waves. This tutu is less fluffy than others since the fabric is softer. The flowy-ness of the fabric gives the tutu a beautiful delicate look. Don’t you agree?! *Or it might be just my imagination running wild hahaha….* Enjoy the tutu!

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Ariel Tutu2


Meline – Crafty Peachy Bunny

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