Ariel Bikini Top


I must confess that I had a hard time thinking the design for Ariel’s footwear to complete the set. Then, it struck me that Ariel is a mermaid! That’s why it’s hard to picture appropriate sandals or shoes for this character – although she becomes human at the end of the movie. Then, a light bulb moment came to me, a bikini top! It seems appropriate to have ocean-themed set with the dark purple bikini top along with the tutu and the headband. Since I already put a starfish on the headband, I decided to have sea shells for the bikini, like the one that Ariel wears.

The bikini top has 2 strings in the middle part that merged into a single string at both ends – so it’s easier to tie. And of course, I have to add pearl beads on the sea shells to keep it on track with the theme *this time, I wasn’t as crazy as I was making the headband hahaha…* It’s always been a great experience designing new project. Sure, it requires lots of experimentations but I am really satisfied with the results! Enjoy!

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Ariel Bikini Top1

Ariel Bikini Top3

Ariel Bikini Top2


Meline – Crafty Peachy Bunny


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