Baymax Curry


What do you get when you combine your love for Baymax and the MVP of your NBA home team (Golden State Warriors), Stephen Curry? It’s a Baymax Curry!!! My hubby’s co-worker emailed me about ordering Baymax amigurumi for his family because his kids are crazy about this white fluffy character. Then last weekend, he had an idea to make Baymax with Golden State Warriors jersey since he is a Warriors fan.

He wants 2 Baymaxes: white jersey Steph Curry and blue jersey Klay Thompson. At first, I was worried that the white jersey and the white colour of Baymax wouldn’t look so good. With the help of embroidery of blue for the collar and yellow for the side trims, it actually looks great! I give the Baymax Curry a MVP pennant of the real Steph Curry as if it’s cheering for the game 🙂 I can’t wait to cheer for Golden State Warriors in NBA finals tomorrow *yes, I’ve been sucked into the NBA hype by my lovely hubby hahahaha…* Although me and my hubby are only cheering from our living room, it’ll sure be a loud night since he’ll be shouting at the TV hahahha…. GO WARRIORS GO! #StrengthInNumbers Enjoy!

P.S. Sorry for the yellow tint on the picture as I shot this at midnight under my living room light… I want to give the Baymaxes as soon as I can so my hubby’s coworker can cheer with them on Thursday – game 1 NBA finals 🙂

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Baymax Curry


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