Baymax Thompson


The next Baymax is my tribute to Klay Thompson, #11 Guard of Golden State Warriors. As I mentioned in the previous post, my hubby’s coworker ordered 2 Baymax – Golden State hybrid amigurumis. As soon as I finished the white jersey Baymax Curry, I made Baymax Thompson. My hubby’s coworker requested the Baymax Thompson to be slight since Klay Thompson is slightly taller than Steph Curry in real life. I followed the same pattern as the Baymax Curry and adding some rows to make it taller but I forgot to take count that the blue yarn that I was using was slightly thinner than the white yarn I used for Curry. Hence, the Baymax Thompson looks slightly thinner – well… let’s say this one is more athletic hahaha…. I added a basketball on the doll to give it a pop of colour.

A little story on my little knowledge about NBA Finals…. On game 5 Western Conference Final, Houston Rockets’ Trevor Ariza accidentally bumped his knee to Klay Thompson’s head. The bump was pretty hard *I cringed when looking at the replay* and Thompson was diagnosed with concussion 😦 As in any sport, concussion is on of the worst nightmares for athlete and NBA has a strict protocol before releasing a player who suffered a concussion. Hence, my hubby religiously checked his injury status and possibly secretly prayed so that Thompson is okay and can advance to the NBA Finals. Couple days ago, my hubby rejoiced as Thompson is cleared to play on the Finals! YAY! I know Baymax is a flufy – friendly – cushy character in the movie but doesn’t this one look like it’s so ready for the game?! 😉 Go Warriors Go!!! #StrengthInNumbers Enjoy!

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Baymax Thompson


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