Mr. President


I love how amigurumi dolls can connect people from 3 different countries! My best buddy who lives in Jakarta, Indonesia ordered amigurumis for one of his house parents in Vancouver, Canada. It sure is one international affair! hahaha…  My friend used to study in Vancouver and he rented a room from a super nice Indonesian couple. Since the house-mom’s birthday is coming soon, he requested 2 favorite characters of his house mom: President Obama and Judge Judy.

The first amigurumi that I made is President Barack Obama. Although I see him so many times on television and newspaper, I still had to do some researches on how he exactly looks like. After googling hundreds of images, I noticed that most of his suits are in dark navy blue colour and only few are in black. Hence, I opted to make the amigurumi wearing a navy blue suit with a bright light blue tie as a contrast. Unlike other suited amigurumi that I made (i.e. for groom in wedding dolls), I made the suit and the shirt in one piece – not 2 separate pieces. This turns out good and I am very satisfied with the result. I made a USA pin to be placed on the suit lapel but the print out was too big… So, I put it on the chest instead.

Coincidentally, it’s now few weeks prior to American Independence Day! So, I had an idea to make a USA banner as a background for the photo shoot. I found a cute 4th of July celebration banner from Paging Supermom! website (click here for free printable) and I scaled it down. I think this Mr. President is ready to celebrate the Independence Day! Enjoy…

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