Judge Judy


This is the second part of my good buddy’s order from Jakarta (click to see the Mr. President amigurumi). The second character is the infamous Jude Judy. I stumbled upon Judge Judy show on TV several years ago. It sure is one interesting reality TV show out there! I love her no-BSing-smart talking-slang wording attitude! And I must admit that she is very smart and can see right through you – whether you’re telling the truth or lie. I recently watched her interview on one of the entertainment shows on youtube and said that she started to wear lace collar to ‘relax’ the plaintiff and defendant. When people enter the court room and see that the judge is middle aged woman wearing lace collar, they might think that they can lie and concoct a false story. But boy, they are totally wrong hahaha… Don’t try to lie in front of Judge Judy. She’ll crush you right away 😛

Back to the amigurumi… When I first finished the amigurumi, the black robe looked so bland. Hence, I accessorized it with a gavel on her right hand. I intentionally made Judge Judy in a smirk instead of a smile to give her a serious look 😉 “It doesn’t make sense. And if it doesn’t make sense, it’s not true” ~ Judge Judy.

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Judge Judy


Meline – Crafty Peachy Bunny

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