Baymax Curry 2.0


What do you think of the NBA Finals so far??? I admit that game 1 and 2 were intense! I still can’t believe they scored a tie at the end of the 4th quarter and went into overtime. This proves that both teams are trying their very best to be the winner. My hubby’s eyes were glued to the TV during game 2. When Golden State Warriors lost to Cleveland Cavaliers, he looked super stressed out hahaha…. *never knew a basketball game can affect him this much!* Same as when Warriors lost on game 3 on Tuesday night… Let’s GO WARRIORS!!! #StrengthInNumbers

Last weekend, another of my hubby’s colleague ordered Baymax Curry after she saw the Baymax Curry & Thompson that I made for her coworker. This time, she wanted the Baymax Curry to be in the taller size – as Baymax Thompson – while wearing blue jersey. Also, she wants the Baymax to be chubbier. Thus, I updated my pattern and made a rounder version of Baymax Curry 🙂 I might be overstuffed the Baymax and just realized when I edited the pictures below 😦 As you can see the white polyfill filling among the stitches on Baymax’ belly. *or maybe deep down, I was angry at the lost too hahaha… I made the amigurumi while watching the game after all so that might explain a bit 😛 *

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Baymax Curry-front

Baymax Curry-back


Meline – Crafty Peachy Bunny


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