D&R Wedding Doll


It’s been a while since I made wedding dolls… Honestly, it’s always a joy making any celebration dolls, especially when I’m making them with love for the couples that are dearest to my heart 🙂 Actually, my husband knows the couples first before me way back before they were in the relationship. The groom and my hubby are very good friend during their college era while the bride is my hubby’s cell group friend when he was just arrived in Vancouver. I know the couple from church as well and along the way I’ve gotten to know them better. In fact, D, the groom, was my hubby’s best man at our wedding and R, the bride, was our wedding coordinator 😉

I’ll tell you a little bit of background on how I designed the doll and chose the details. D is an pastor in our church in Vancouver, thus it explains the Holy Bible. On his spare time, he LOVES hockey very much! As any good Vancouverite, he’s always rooting for Vancouver Canucks! I incorporated this Canucks craze to his tie and made a detachable Canucks foam finger 🙂 R is an excellent teacher. She has been teaching Sunday school at church since I first met her! She is very patient with kids yet very discipline! I have no doubt that she’ll be a great mom someday 😉 Last year, she began doing juicing and cold pressing that encouraged my hubby to follow – which led us to buy a Vitamix hahaha… So, instead of flower bouquet, I had a fun idea to make her a veggie & fruit bouquet with kale, romaine lettuces, lemons, blueberries, and apple. I hope she gets what’s the bouquet means hahaha…. Anyway, I can’t wait to witness one of their happiest moment soon! Congratulations, D&R!!!

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UPDATE (06/16/15): Here is the picture of the amigurumi at the registration table during the wedding! It was a breathtaking view for the beautiful couple. Congratulations again for the newlywed, D & R!!! 😀

IMG_8298-pix ed


Meline – Crafty Peachy Bunny

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