Sunflower Bloom Headband


The good thing being a crocheter is that you can – almost – do your work everywhere 🙂 This past weekend, me and my hubby flew to Vancouver to attend our friends wedding – yes, they are D&R as featured in my previous wedding doll amigurumi post. Our flight back to California was delayed for 45 minutes; hence, I had a little time to do some crocheting. I got the free pattern from Red Heart website (click here for the link). Although it is intended as dog’s accessories, I did some modifications so that it fits baby/toddler/child head when creating this Sunflower Bloom Hat.

For the last 2 years for spring and summer back in Vancouver, me and my hubby did small gardening for our huge backyard. My hubby is obsessed with sunflowers, especially the huge ones! hahaha… We tried planted them from the seed packets we bought from Home Depot and they grew beautifully 🙂 Unfortunately, fall always come early in Vancouver and we could only admire the cheerful big yellow sunflowers for a short few weeks. We can still plant sunflower here in California, but I think we are a bit late for sowing the seed. For now, enjoy this fun yellow Sunflower Bloom Hat!

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Sunflower Bloom Hat

Sunflower Bloom Hat2


*yep… crocheting during the flight proved to be efficient for me hahaha…*


Meline – Crafty Peachy Bunny


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