Dalek Diaper Cover


By now you probably know that I am a huge Minion fan from my amigurumi dolls. In the past few months, I have new obsession: Doctor Who!!!! I’ve heard lots of buzzes of the series few years back so I decided to give it a try. I started watching the series on Netflix to accompany me while crocheting. After finishing the first episode, I can say that I was hooked! And now, I kinda get why so many fans are loyal to the series. Although sometimes I didn’t really understand the story, but somehow at the end, one event ties with another creating an exciting finale.

One thing in which I have love-hate relationship from the series is DALEK…. *exterminate… exterminate…* Dalek is a highly intelligent mutant-robot that is portrayed as the Doctor’s eternal enemy. In the earlier season, the Doctor banished the Daleks but then the next season they reappear!!! How could it be?! And then the same thing happened again and again and again… Doctor killed Daleks and Daleks haunt the Doctor back. Hence, I conclude that Daleks never die…. May I remind you since Doctor Who is about time travel, everything is possible… Confuse yet?! Don’t worry… This actually makes the series so interesting 🙂 As I said, the writers played with my emotion so many times about the death and resurrection of Dalek. This turns me from Daleks hater to Daleks lover hahaha…

While I’m taking a break creating Disney Princess themed crochet items, I immediately thought about creating Doctor Who related items. Last month, Funko Pop released Doctor Who set and I bought the Dalek vinyl figure. This inspires me to create Dalek Diaper Cover complete with Dalek’s signature spheres around its body. This diaper cover requires several experimentation for the bobble stitches but at the end, I am super satisfied with the final look. One lucky baby is ready to exterminate you with his/her cuteness while wearing this Dalek Diaper Cover 😉

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Dalek Diaper Cover


Meline – Crafty Peachy Bunny

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