Jasmine Tutu


After a relaxing 4th of July weekend, I’m backkkk 🙂 There were so much happening in those 3 days! Friday is a public stat holiday and coincidentally, it was the first day of McDonald’s Happy Meal MINIONS toy release!!!! I woke up pretty early and went to 4 different stores to check which toy was being released. Me and my hubby went to the store nearest to our house and it gave out the Guitar Stuart. Since I already asked my mom to buy the Asian set that includes the Guitar Stuart, I didn’t buy it. The next store we went was inside a mall and it gave out Kevin, so I bought that one. Still unsatisfied, I dragged my hubby to drive farther to the 3rd store that also gave out Kevin. A bit desperate at that point, I drove to the 4th store that is still within my local area and JACKPOT, this store has a complete set! So, I bought the remaining 11 Minion Toys plus some extras for my family back in Indonesia. Unlike in Asia, you can actually buy the toy without purchasing the meal here in USA. The cashier at the last McD where I bought 14 toys must think I was crazy hahaha…

On Saturday and Sunday, me and my hubby decided to have a weekend gateway to Sacramento. Although the city is not as big as San Francisco, I enjoyed our stay there, especially walking around the Old Sacramento. I will do a post on this on my travel blog (melineaj.wordpress.com) later. Fireworks seem to be the customary thing to celebrate the 4th of July in America. Almost every city in the Bay Area has some sort of fireworks display at night. There was also one fireworks celebration at Sacramento’s Cal Expo. Since I was reluctant to be among a big crowd, we opted to watch the fireworks from in front of the State Capitol Building. Ok, enough about my long weekend adventure… How about your 4th of July celebration? I hope everybody was able to celebrate it safely and cheerfully 🙂

Back to my crochet, I created this Jasmine Tutu before the long weekend. I actually had my eyes on Red Heart Boutique Sashay Boho in Envy since I made the Esmeralda Tutu. The gold accent on the yarn is perfect to create the middle eastern look of Princess Jasmine from Aladdin. The yarn actually has a bit ombre effect but it doesn’t really show in the finished product. I hope a little princess will look regal in this cute tutu. Enjoy!

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Jasmine Tutu


Meline – Crafty Peachy Bunny

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