Jasmine Slippers


When designing Jasmine Slippers to complete the set, I decided to make the slippers with curly tip. I modify the pattern from Jee Q’s Learning to Write blog of Elf/Chilli Baby Shoes (click here for free pattern). I usually make shoes/slippers by crocheting the sole first and working up to make the body and/or boot part. This time, I crocheted the slippers from the curly tip continuously to the body & flap – similar like crocheting socks. To make the slippers cuter, I made tassels using Lion Brand Yarn Bonbon yarn since the dark green yarn with specks of gold is the perfect colour for this set. I also attached beautiful shimmery green-gold beads to make the slippers look festive. I must admit, lately, I LOVE to incorporate pretty beads and buttons into my design. I think they add lots of sparkle and different texture to the final product. All you need is a flying rug and you are set to fly to Agrabah to meet the friendly genie 🙂 Enjoy!

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Jasmine Sliipers1

Jasmine Slippers2


Meline – Crafty Peachy Bunny

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