Rapunzel Tutu


Sorry for being M.I.A for a while. Although it’s summer and hot here in California, I’ve been getting cold for a week now 😦 I hate stuffy nose and dry cough!!! I’m praying that I get over it soon! Also, the previous week, I suddenly lost all my data in my external hard drive 😥 My heart sank to my stomach and immediately went to panic mode! I tried 3 different data recovery programs and spent hours waiting in front of the computer looking for the progress *although I realized it wouldn’t help the recovery process hahaha…* Luckily, about 85% of my data were recovered but still I mourned for the lost data and couldn’t think nor do anything for couple days. Well… I distracted myself with my long lost hobby – cooking *which makes my hubby very happy hahaha* and finally, I am BACK!

This time. I made Rapunzel Tutu. When I went to JoAnn store last week to cheer me up, I saw this beautiful purple fabric and impulsively I bought it. I slowly back to my working mode and finally finished the tutu. The inspiration of this tutu is actually from Tangled movie by Disney. The purple dress worn by Rapunzel is so pretty with her gold long hair. I was tempted to add lots of flower attachments to the tutu but I have to refrain myself from going too crazy hahaha… In fact, I had a brilliant idea for the set. So enjoy the tutu for now! 🙂

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Rapunzel Tutu


Meline – Crafty Peachy Bunny

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