Supergirl Tutu


Several months back when I visited Vancouver, I went to a fabric store near my previous job place. I didn’t have any intention to buy anything but then I saw this beautiful red metallic fabric. I immediately thought of creating a superhero tutu! The fabric is a bit more expensive than other fabrics that I usually buy but I just couldn’t resist the idea of creating the cute tutu; thus, I bought the fabric anyway hahaha… 😛 I know there are lots of male superheroes with red costume but surprisingly, it’s only a few female superheroes with red costumes. At the end, I decided to make a Supergirl tutu using the fabric.

Supergirl is the female version of Superman. The color pallete for this costume includes red, blue, and yellow. For the tutu, I used yellow as the base while incorporating the red metallic fabric for the ruffle. I LOVE the final look and it looks bada$$! KA-BOOM! This is a good diversion from all the Disney Princess set that I made and I’m planning to make more of the superheroes tutu in the future. Enjoy!

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Supergirl Tutu


Meline – Crafty Peachy Bunny

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